Love your tile, love your home

At Andova, we know that loving your home means loving everything that you put into it. Find the perfect size, shape, and color for you from our crafted-with-love quality tile collections.

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Bliss Collection

Find your own Bliss with this collection of encaustic looks that bring... 

Honoro Collection

We love the saturated colors and graduated edge details of the Honoro... 

Serenite Collection

We love a good patina. There is something so magical about a... 

  • Diane from NY

    I love these tiles! They are beautiful! Can’t wait to see them installed in my house!!

  • Caroline from TX

    Your tile exceeded our expectations! We get compliments from everyone who comes through the door.

  • Frankie from FL

    Everything arrived on time and was a breeze to install in our bathroom. Excited to do the kitchen next!

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