We know that loving your space means loving everything that you put into it, especially when it comes to your home.

Choosing a tile can be a long-term commitment so we make sure to create ways for online shoppers to emotionally connect while they explore and purchase our products. From creating warm and inviting visual stories to providing an elevated level of customer service, both our business partners and online shoppers are excited to fall in tile love over and over again!

About Our Tile

Tile comes in all shapes and sizes, just like people!

Our mission is to offer an amazing variety of the latest styles and timeless classics so that everyone can find their true tile love. We source from all over the world to bring you the trends happening both today and tomorrow.

Each and every tile has that special something that will put a smile on your face every time that you walk into your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase Andova Tile?

You can purchase Andova Tile through our online retail partners including Wayfair, Zoro, Home Depot, Lowes, and Walmart (coming soon).

Can I purchase tile directly from Andova?

We do not currently sell directly to our customers, but rather partner with highly-rated online retailers who offer stellar customer service and responsiveness.

I have an issue with my tile order. Can you please help?

If you have an issue with your order, please contact the online retailer from where you purchased your tile. If you feel that you need help beyond your retailer, please contact us at info@andovatiles.com or call (917) 580-7300. Our team is here to make sure you have the best tile buying experience possible and keep you in Tile Love!

Can I return my tile to Andova?

Follow your online retailer's return instructions or contact their customer service department for help. If you are having any issues with returns, feel free to reach out to us at info@andovatiles.com or call (917) 580-7300 so that we can guide you through the process.

What is Andova Tile's warranty policy?

You can find your warranty information on your retailer's website. You can also increase our standard warranty by three months by signing up for our email communications here: EXTENDED WARRANTY

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